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President’s message

Giving a voice to our shipping industry

presidentsmessageThe CSA meets on North American soil in May, courtesy of the Jacksonville Port Authority, for the annual convention of the shipping industry of the Caribbean and Latin America. The 11th annual Caribbean Shipping Executives Conference will bring into sharp focus the many issues and concerns with which we grapple at this time.

This conference has developed over time into an effective forum for dealing with nuts-and-bolts issues. The discussions are of a very high standard and the treatment of topics reflects the latest thinking. Developments, trends and shifts come under the microscope, making the Caribbean Shipping Executives Conference not only meaningful but immediately useful. 

Discussion sets the stage for problem-solving. And forums which facilitate discussion are therefore critically important in the search for solutions. Such are the forums of the CSA, whether they be our annual conferences, training seminars or this magazine, Caribbean Maritime.

Celebrating its fifth anniversary, Caribbean Maritime has met expectations and in some instances has surpassed what was expected when it was established. The coverage of the magazine has extended across all the Americas and its high quality has been sustained. More than this, it has provided a forum for discussion of regional shipping at the leadership level. This makes Caribbean Maritime important in the search for solutions.

The CSA’s effectiveness in sustaining a viable regional network of industry leaders, and in building a consensus around development issues, is supported and assisted by this magazine. Through its pages, the state and progress of the shipping industry of the Caribbean and Latin American region over the past five years have been tracked and monitored. It has given a voice to players in the industry. It has presented articles which teach and articles which stimulate management ideas. It has become a research tool for students and researchers. And, it is delivered free of charge to anyone who is interested.

This magazine is a development tool. It is a CSA gift to the regional and, indeed, global shipping industry.

Carlos Urriola
Caribbean Shipping Association