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President's Message

An honour to serve the CSA

My first message to this magazine was published in January 2010. That was the ninth issue of the magazine. This, my final message as CSA President, is published in issue Number 17. This is not a lot of time, since we publish only three issues in a year. However, I must have been having fun as the time went by really very quickly.

A lot has happened in the world in that short time and I do note some positive changes within the Caribbean Shipping Association during my tenure. The French territories are more active and therefore more visible as a result; the Spanish-speaking delegations attending conferences have grown; and we have been able to maintain a high standard of presentation and debate at our two annual conferences. 


The Association is financially stable; representation of shipping lines attending conferences has increased; and the Association has advanced the process of establishment of a Security Assessment Council.

My term in office also coincided with Caribbean Maritime’s fifth anniversary. 


My first message to this magazine stated: “Caribbean Maritime was established to give the CSA and regional shipping a permanent record of history.” That history, in my time as CSA President, was highlighted by continuing repercussions from the global recession; growth in ship size and implications; and, of course, the expansion of the Panama Canal. This magazine has delivered because it has provided a careful record of these events as reported by the national shipping associations across the Caribbean and contributing writers from across the region. In this way, through accurate information flow and informed dialogue, this magazine has done its job.

It has been an honour to serve the CSA as President over the last three years.

CArlos-UrriolaCarlos Urriola

President, Caribbean Shipping Association


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