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Women at the CSA

Invaluable leadership, sterling contribution 

By Mike Jarrett

Women form a significant part of the leadership of the regional shipping industry. Many have been a part of the maritime community for a generation. Their voices and points of view are freely and readily expressed at CSA meetings. Indeed, women have been at the centre of CSA activities since the organisation was formed.

A milestone was set by Mrs. Corah Ann Robertson-Sylvester, who served from 2003 to 2006 as the Association’s first female leader and its 13th President. 

Before her, the late Monica Silvera held the position of CSA Executive Vice President, the first woman to have been appointed to the post. Following her death in office in 2001, the CSA appointed a second woman as Executive Vice President. Mrs. Pauline Gray performed that duty for about half a year before her fatal accident. In addition, stalwarts such as Marjorie Dale, Sonja Voisin and Linda Profijt-del Prado have served at various times on the General Council.

The Association has one female Honorary Member in the person of Mrs. Joy Worton and a number of women with over 25 years’ service to shipping have volunteered for membership of the CSA Silver Club.

Women have been at the centre of CSA activities since its foundation and the Association continues to benefit from their invaluable leadership and sterling contribution. This photo feature is a tribute to the women of the CSA. It was compiled during the organisation’s 42nd Annual General Meeting, Conference and Exhibition in San Juan Puerto Rico in October 2012.