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CSA Flashback

Faces and memories dating back almost ten years.

Some have departed.

Others have not returned.

Most made a contribution in one way or another.

Some have aged, gracefully.

Others don’t seem to age at all.

This is the Caribbean Shipping Association.

1: May 2004: Third Annual Caribbean Shipping Executives Conference, St. Lucia.

2: October 2004: Cartagena, Colombia.

3: May 2004: St. Lucia.

4: October 2006: Panama.

5: October 2004: Cartagena, Colombia.

6: October 2006: Panama.

7: February 2004: Shipping Association of St. Lucia launched. CSA Past President, the late George Noon, receives CSA plaque.

8: October 2004: Cartagena.

9: October 2004: Cartagena.

10: May 2004: Silver Club in St. Lucia.

11: Panama: October 2006.

12: May 2004: St. Lucia.

13: February 2004: Shipping Association of St. Lucia launched. CSA President Corah Ann Robertson-Sylvester presents CSA plaque to Wilson Sifflet.

14: May 2004, St. Lucia, Trustees of the Training Trust Fund 









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