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Freeport proposes logistics hub

Sea Air Business Centre described as ‘logistical gold mine’


The trend to build logistics centres close to container terminals continues – and Freeport, Grand Bahama, is not to be outdone.

‘Location, location, location’ is the ruling factor when evaluating property and Sea Air Business Center (S/ABC) in Freeport has a prime location, offering its clients proximity to the markets, to global trade lanes and to transportation facilities. Collectively these attributes make S/ABC ‘a logistical gold mine’.

S/ABC is a 741 acre park earmarked for manufacturing, warehousing and distribution of goods for buyers worldwide. Grand Bahama has over 50 years of industrial development, a highly skilled and adaptive labour force, advanced telecommunications, utilities and support services. It has an excellent mix of international businesses, creating the perfect environment for the development of S/ABC.

Location I

Located just 60 miles off the coast of Florida, S/ABC is ideally placed for markets on the eastern seaboard of the USA. This offers scope for the development of a state-of-the-art logistics centre where cargo can be stored, redistributed and manufactured and value-added services provided in a zoned, duty-free environment.

Companies operating in Freeport can import commodities from around the world. These products can then be trucked to the S/ABC. Value-added services like breakbulking, repackaging, redistribution, assembling, repairing, cross-docking, and order fulfilment can be performed. The procurement of technological services to help simplify the operations is also an option. In addition, the city of Freeport itself is tax-free. There are no taxes on capital development and supplies for business; and there is municipal support for long-term development and operation.

Location II

Grand Bahama, at the crossroads of North American, South American, the Far Eastern and European trade lanes, is in a prime location for manufacturing, warehousing and distribution of goods for international buyers. Freeport Container Port ships to over 270 ports, thus opening the S/ABC to markets around the world.

Location III

S/ABC is located within five miles of Grand Bahama International Airport, Freeport Harbour and Freeport Container Port. The international airport takes pride in its high security measures and its 11,000 ft. runway can accommodate the world’s largest aircraft.


Freeport Harbour Company caters to both cruise and cargo operations. It has an entrance channel depth of 16.0 metres (52 ft) and four ro-ro ramps. Because all the ports have one owner, it makes the channels of communication a lot easier and the flow of information a lot faster.

The people at S/ABC believe this ‘gold mine’ has the potential to develop into the logistical centre of choice in the Region.