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‘The Cluster’

Creating a region-wide network of transport and logistics entities

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Barely nine months have passed since Cluster GAT Caribbean Logistics and Transport was established. Yet, this fledgling regional initiative has made great strides in its mission to build a network of partners in the Caribbean and the Americas.

Founded in December 2012, ‘The Cluster’ as it is called has been building and expanding relationships throughout the region and in the process has been moving forward in its quest to create a broad coalition of organisations engaged in transport and logistics.

Based in Martinique, Cluster GAT Caribbean Logistics and Transport took form from an initiative of private sector transports and logistics companies. The Cluster has already forged links with a training and research centre (part the Antilles-Guyane University of Martinique); the Martinique government and its partners; and, is now looking for partners across the entire Caribbean basin. 


The main objective of The Cluster is to establish a region-wide network of organisations, public and private sector. This network of transportation and logistics entities would facilitate: a flow of information and intelligence region-wide; identification of solutions for air, maritime and land transportation; development of information and communications technology solutions for transport and logistics; development of business tools to improve logistics performance and sustainable development across the Region.

“Therefore, this is about designing, shaping and spreading futuristic transport and logistics solutions, by creating synergies between all of us, for all cluster members and for the Caribbean-Americas area,” said Linette Cassagnol-Caupenne, a director of the Cluster.

In discussing the work of The Cluster to Caribbean Maritime, she said: “We are facing several issues: the necessary enhancement of the logistic sector in transportation; seizing of the added value linked to the increased international flows, at the opening of the new locks of the Panama Canal beginning in 2015; becoming a major player in the logistics and transport sectors in order to spread technology and organisation solutions…and, we are presently working at creating a transportation exchange market place site for the Grand Caribbean area in order to link shipowners, carriers, freight forwarders, customers and suppliers. Also, we are developing ICT solutions applied to transportation and logistics; facilitating the use of inter-modal transport for both people and goods; and, developing social innovation to prevent social conflicts within the activities of the ports in the area.”

“Cluster GAT Caraïbe also takes part in a dynamic interaction with large clusters of logistics, transport and related activities of the Caribbean Basin, in France and Europe,” she explained.