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From The CSA President

Stronger Case For Regional Collaboration

For several decades, Caribbean ports have talked around the need for regional collaboration in an effort to bolster their ability to compete in an increasingly competitive shipping environment.

While these discussions have resulted in little real action, developments particularly at competing ports in the United States are presenting opportunities for the Caribbean to leverage our collective advantages in response to the cries of shipping lines facing mounting challenges at some of their current ports of call.

Port congestion has become the Achilles’ heel of US West Coast ports over the last six months, as they struggle to counter the growth of the All Water Route via the Panama Canal which, as expected, is bringing greater volumes from G6 Alliance members.

There have been reports of delays of up to three weeks, heightened by unstable labor relations and the unreliability of critical support from providers of trucking services.

Some are comparing the current situation with the lockout in 2002 of US West Coast port workers amid contentious contract negotiations – some of the darkest days in their recent history.

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