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The year ahead

This fair wind can bring us good fortune

So often in the past, the regular Year Ahead feature in Caribbean Maritime has warned, somewhat forebodingly, of dark days for the region’s shipping sector amid an atmosphere of gloom and despondency. A glance back to, say, 2009 or 2010 will clearly show the prevailing downbeat mood at that time.

Yet, fast forward to early 2015 and rarely has there been a more optimistic outlook in the region. There may be a few blemishes on an otherwise cloudless horizon, but the future does look super rosy.

There are, of course, some concerns about the health of the global economy and especially in regard to those nations that so recently were the high flyers. Here we are talking about Russia, China, Brazil and South Africa, four of the five the so-called BRICS, all of which were experiencing economic difficulties of one kind or another as 2014 came to an end.


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