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Nassau Container Port

Fresh approach transforms cargo handling efficiency

Caribbean Maritime turns the spotlight on one of the region’s success stories – a container handling operation that has been transformed by a new location and a different way of financing port development.


This is Nassau Container Port (NCP) and the associated Gladstone Freight Terminal, set up in 2009 when container handling was moved from its historical and increasingly unsuitable Bay Street location in the city to a spacious new site at Arawak Cay.

The move resulted in the creation of a new 56.6 acre purpose-built container terminal and the 15-acre freight terminal, leaving the City of Nassau free to develop the prime waterfront land vacated by the former cargo operations.

The operator of NCP is Arawak Port Development (APD). Here, the company’s president and CEO, Mike Maura, and its CFO, Dion Bethell, provide a detailed update on the facility and its remarkable progress and productivity.

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