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David Jean-Marie

Opportunity knocks for our modernized port system

President vows to build on CSA strengths to encourage region-wide collaboration

The new President of the Caribbean Shipping Association, David Jean-Marie, believes there is huge potential for the Caribbean region to capitalize on the major changes taking place in global trade flows and key shipping routes. He tells ‘Caribbean Maritime’ about some of his personal views and ambitions for the industry. Like his immediate predecessor, Grantley Stephenson, the new President of the CSA believes that confidence in the future of the Caribbean maritime sector is fully justified. David Jean-Marie says the increase in world trade in both advanced and emerging economies should have a positive impact on the global supply chain and thus open up new opportunities for Caribbean shipping.

Q: Which ports and terminals are crucial in attracting new and higher levels of cargo traffic?

A: Panama, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, The Bahamas and Cuba are moving full steam ahead given the anticipation that the region’s deepwater ports will become significant transshipment logistics centers and hubs for international commerce.

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