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Terminal operating systems

TOS without tears? Yes you can!

With the coming of mega ships and more hub-and-spoke operations, the demand for greater productivity and efficiency in the world’s container terminals has become urgent. Producers of terminal operating systems are rising to the challenge; but implementing these highly advanced new TOS systems will require strong leadership and a change of mindset.

Increased automation and optimization are two of the key challenges now spurring on development in the terminal operating system (TOS) industry. The latest systems are getting more and more ‘intelligent’ as software producers aim to create products that allow terminals to meet the never-ending demand for greater productivity and efficiency.

Although the economic outlook for world shipping is unclear, two developments have added to the urgency for improved processes: the arrival of 19,000 teu containerships and the development of more hub-and-spoke networks. Integrating other port systems and adopting new technologies are also seen as key for ports and terminals in order to meet the demand for improved services.

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