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Quality management by Advantum

We need a sharper focus on quality management

In today’s fast-paced, highly competitive world, mere seconds lost translate into missed opportunities and possibly loss of revenue. In order to stay ahead of competition, it is important that businesses streamline their processes not only to function effectively but also to meet the needs of their customers efficiently.

What is quality?

Quality can be defined as the extent to which a product or service fulfils requirements and the results of these requirements are fit for use. In order to deliver a product or service that is considered to be of excellent quality, the needs of all stakeholders must be met.

With the definition of quality in mind, we can further say that quality management focuses on the processes of a business or organization, the customer and continuous improvement. An organization’s product or service depends on a set of requirements or specifications that were previously gathered. Conformance to these requirements is used to determine the quality of the end product.

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