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Maritime Training

Take advantage of the tide…


By Mark R. DuPont

Chief Operations Officer,


Understanding latest trends is key to effective maritime training.

In this ever-evolving world, change is omnipresent and constant: change in climate, in leadership, in policies, in culture, in recruits, in technology, in communication. Change affects what you do, how you do it and whom you do it with.

This, in turn, puts additional pressure on us as maritime professionals to keep up with change, let alone get ahead of it. It is cumbersome and challenging to keep up with the latest and greatest (the incoming tide) and to recognize what is yesterday’s tactic, technique or procedure (the outgoing tide).

Here, we’ll look at how training (applicable for security, safety, stevedoring, operations, environmental response, effectively all specialized jobs in the maritime field) has evolved in general, what are some of the current challenges in the maritime environment, and then focus on recommendations for our ‘fluid’ workplace. It’s all about what could help you, your area of responsibility and the professional community as we try to keep up with the shifting tides around us.

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