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CSA Port Award Committee

CSA Port Award Committee sequestered in Jamaica

The Port Award Committee went into retreat in January. Its objective: to review and upgrade the CSA’s Caribbean Port Awards, an event that dates back a quarter of a century.

This annual CSA event has been reviewed and improved many times in 25 years. However, CSA President Carlos Urriola felt that a thorough review was needed at this time. He therefore proposed the one-day retreat as a matter of urgency.

The Port Award Committee was cloistered on 22nd January, the day before the 2012 annual General Council retreat, at the Spanish Court Hotel in New Kingston, Jamaica.

The discussions, passionate at times, took the better part of the day. In the end, decisions were taken to review the application questionnaire. It was also decided to make it possible for ports and terminals wishing to enter this annual CSA regional competition to fill out the questionnaires and to submit their applications via the internet. 

Mike Jarrett photos

(1) (L-R) David Jean-Marie (CSA General Council), Remy Vyzelman, Stephen Bell (who chaired the retreat), Grantley Stephenson (CSA Vice President), Robert Bosman, Michael Bernard.

(2) (L-R) Grantley Stephenson, Michael Bernard (CSA General Council) and David Ross (standing).

(3) (L-R) Remy Vyzelman and Robert Bosman (standing), Cyril Seyjagat (seated) Stephen Bell, Grantley Stephenson, Michael Bernard.

(4) Stephen Bell makes a point.

(5-6) Shorna-Kay Plummer (CSA Secretariat), Remy Vyzelman, Cyril Seyjagat.