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Cuba Ferries

Ferry close – but no cigar yet

One of the obvious spin-offs from the thawing of relations between the United States and Cuba is the prospect of re-establishing regular ferry links to the island from Florida. But with the Cuban government continuing to withhold its permission, it remains a tantalizing objective. Robert Deaves reports.

Cuba is just 80 nautical miles off the southern tip of Florida; yet for the growing number of passenger ferry companies that have been set up in recent years to bridge the gap, it might as well be a thousand miles.

In May 2015 the US Treasury Department started granting licenses to ferry services from US ports for the first time in 50 years. News is scant, but initially the long-awaited services were expected to commence in the fall of 2015. When this didn’t materialize, a possible commencement in late 2016 has been forecast, but ultimately everyone is waiting for the Cuban authorities to reciprocate the initiative.

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