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CM - Celebrating five years of service

Celebrating five years of service to regional shipping

In January 2007 the General Council of the Caribbean Shipping Association accepted proposals for the establishment of a magazine to serve its interests. The new magazine, as proposed by the Association’s Director of Information and Public Relations, was to become the publication of record for the regional shipping industry and the official organ of the CSA.

There was scepticism initially by many within and without the CSA. Publications produced by not-for-profit organisations are not known to be financially self-sufficient over time. Indeed, the CSA’s previous magazine had failed, but not just for economic reasons. It had become editorially weak, irrelevant and had lost the respect of its readers.

Adamant that, despite the legacy of doubt and uncertainty, Caribbean Maritime could be successful, the CSA’s PR Director persisted with initiatives to develop and launch a new magazine worthy to be called ‘the official journal of the Caribbean Shipping Association’.

In October 2006, riding one of the hemisphere’s oldest railroads, across the isthmus of Panama, Mike Jarrett sat with Gary Gimson, Managing Director of Land & Marine Publications Ltd, of the UK, and again raised with him the possibilities of launching a magazine to document the history and development of the Caribbean shipping industry. The publication was to be self-supporting, with no financial assistance from the CSA.

Why should this attempt be any different, Gimson asked. Why shouldn’t the proposed publication not also fail like the previous CSA magazine? Mike argued that with high standards of journalism, knowledgeable writers and high publishing standards such as Land & Marine was known for, success could be achieved. Gimson, still sceptical about the economic feasibility but loyal to the Caribbean and the CSA, took the decision to give the new magazine, which Mike had by then named Caribbean Maritime, a try.

The two decided that three years was all that could be afforded for this trial period.

These discussions were being held even as the economies of the world headed for one of the most crippling recessions ever. Within one year after that meeting on the train in Panama, people in the USA were losing their homes to foreclosure and their lifelong savings to bank failures. Caribbean Maritime started its early years in the most hostile situation imaginable, riding an economic storm that raged across the entire planet.

The first issue of Caribbean Maritime came off the press in May 2007 and was well received by the membership of the CSA. In his editorial column in the first issue, headed ‘Pursuit of Excellence’, the Editor wrote:

 “The mission of Caribbean Maritime is to support and facilitate the CSA so that the Association may achieve its goals. This we will do through the pursuit of excellence.

With relentless effort and attention to detail, Caribbean Maritime will achieve excellence and hence sustainability.”

Three issues a year have been produced since May 2007 and the publication has never been late. Unlike its predecessor, it is not abandoned as garbage by CSA members at the end of CSA conference. To the contrary, readers are careful to take their copies with them and often seek to get a second or third to take home.

As the still fledgling Caribbean Maritime celebrates its fifth anniversary, it already enjoys the respect of the shipping industry within the Caribbean and without. Its articles and commentaries are quoted widely. It is circulated in hard copy and via the internet in the Americas, Europe and Asia. It has become an authoritative source of information as it documents the work, achievements, concerns and aspirations of the CSA, its members and stakeholders in the shipping industry of the Caribbean and Latin America.

‘One of the greatest tools CSA has to achieve its present and future goals’

Although my travels have been limited in recent years, I always try to keep informed about the Caribbean Shipping Association and its continuous progress. My active days with CSA placed a chip of affection in my heart and my memories of those days are a treasure to me. The Caribbean Maritime has emerged to be of a quality second to none and its information is of great assistance to me and my management staff. Our Caribbean shipping industry is always reinventing itself and has to continue this path to be able to maintain its quality level of the services it offers. I am proud to have seen CSA grow to improve the level of services to the principals to gain their respect and appreciation. This publication is one of the greatest tools CSA has to achieve its present and future goals.

Luis A. Ayala-Parsi, Past President of Caribbean Shipping Association



‘Second to none – it keeps the membership well advised’

Caribbean Maritime has been with us for five years now. It is the official magazine of the Caribbean Shipping Association and it keeps its membership well informed by:

• Documenting the history of maritime development in the wider Caribbean and Latin America, even touching on the US ports that rim the Caribbean Sea

• Informed articles, anecdotes, humorous quips, biographies of its senior members and learned opinions

• In-depth discussions and information on host countries and their ports.

This publication is second to none, as its on-time delivery keeps the membership well advised as well as in eager anticipation of upcoming meetings. Indeed, its readership and participation stretches worldwide as shipping by its very nature embraces the world.

A few publications ago, keeping up with world trends, Caribbean Maritime went electronic. This, I think, was a master move. As we know, travel is an integral part of this business, so having this valuable and entertaining publication on line facilitates us even more.

Caribbean Maritime by no means came easily. It is by dint of the hard work performed by Mike Jarrett that we are here. Mike’s no-nonsense attitude for meeting deadlines and producing quality documents is why we are here. So, Mike, to you and your team, congratulations, and I look forward to continue reading and keeping up to date with Caribbean Maritime.

Captain Rawle Baddaloo, Past President, Caribbean Shipping Association


‘On the cutting edge in providing information on key issues facing the industry’ 

On this your fifth anniversary, I hereby extend my heartiest congratulations on behalf of Seaboard Marine to the team at Caribbean Maritime. The publication continues to play a critical role in the Caribbean maritime industry through its insightful presentation of information relevant to the further growth and development of the sector.

It is commendable that the publication has remained on the cutting edge in providing information, whether it be relating to new trends in the industry, best practices or key issues facing the industry. Of note is its commitment to highlighting the various ports as well assisting in promoting the transportation sector in this region. 

In addition, Caribbean Maritime’s continuous and unwavering support to the Caribbean Shipping Association as its official publication has facilitated the further strengthening of that organisation and its position as a voice for all stakeholders within the Caribbean maritime industry. As a stakeholder within that landscape, Seaboard Maritime is grateful that the publication still remains as a source of data and analysis of opportunities and threats to the sector.

I wish for the organisation every success in the future.

Stephen Bell, Regional Vice President, Seaboard Marine


‘We are proud to have Caribbean Maritime as an ongoing part of the Digital Library of the Caribbean’ 

Caribbean Maritime is an amazing resource for businessmen, scholars and students because of its pan-Caribbean coverage of Caribbean ports and the Caribbean maritime industry and all of its aspects, including both shipping and tourism. It is totally unique in its field. We are proud to have Caribbean Maritime as an ongoing part of the Digital Library of the Caribbean.

Will Canova, Newspaper Projects Coordinator,
Digital Library Centre & Florida Digital Newspaper Library



‘Recording and amplifying the voice and vision of Caribbean Shipping’

Achieving your fifth birthday while remaining ‘fresh, vibrant, topical and interesting’ means one thing: you got it right first time.

As a long-serving member of the Caribbean Shipping Association, with a lot of water under my hull (sorry, Schettino), I wish to congratulate Caribbean Maritime and its inimitable editor, Mike Jarrett, for recording and, indeed, amplifying the voice and vision of Caribbean Shipping. 

Under the heading ‘Spirit of the CSA’ in edition No 13 (May to September 2011) on Page 47, the first paragraph so succinctly states who we are and what we do, that it is worth repeating here: 

“The Caribbean Shipping Association has been a binding force for over 40 years. It brings together, in a vast network, the leaders and decision-makers in the shipping industry of the Caribbean and Latin America as well as North America. The Association’s sphere of influence includes countries and territories from four language groups – English, Spanish, French and Dutch – from the northern coast of South America, across the Caribbean and Central America, to North American ports on the Gulf of Mexico and the Florida peninsula (the region).”

If the foregoing statement were a mathematical test, we could simply state: QED. This is what we do. The Italians of infamy would say ‘cosa nostra’ and the Trinis would declare that ‘wine is what we do; beer is what we drink’. Shipping is what we do, and in vibrant Caribbean style. And nowhere else is it captured, in print and photo essays, as in Caribbean Maritime.

So, Mr Editor, I salute you and your publication with the firm conviction that these first five years are just a period that portends a future filled with timely information and the exciting quality articles that will continue to make Caribbean Maritime a cover-to-cover read.

Bravo, Caribbean Maritime!

David Harding, Chairman of Barbados Port Inc. and Past President, Caribbean Shipping Association



‘The magazine provides a very important forum for the industry and its partners’

As Minister responsible for shipping in the Government of Barbados, I am very pleased to have this opportunity to congratulate Caribbean Maritime on the attainment of its fifth anniversary. The Government of Barbados recognises that the magazine provides a very important forum for the industry and its partners to be kept abreast of issues which are of significance to the entire maritime community of Latin America and the Caribbean, the sphere of operation of the now 40-year-old Caribbean Shipping Association.

Barbados remains committed to maritime safety and security, and the protection of the marine environment, and in this regard a comprehensive review of our maritime administration will shortly be undertaken with a view to enhancing its administrative, operational, regulatory and legislative aspects.

We are working with the Barbados Port Inc. and other relevant agencies to improve the infrastructure and ensure increased safety and security at our port of entry.

At the regional level, the Government of Barbados is very pleased that, as of May 1, 2011 the wider Caribbean Sea has been declared a Special Area under Annexe V of the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (Marpol), thereby protecting our fragile marine environment from the disposal of garbage.

Barbados recognises the role played by shipping and its range of maritime activities in the socioeconomic fabric of the region, and will therefore continue to support regional initiatives relevant to the growth and development of the shipping industry.

I am happy to wish Caribbean Maritime every success as it continues its work on behalf of the region.

The Hon. E. George Hutson
Minister of International Business and International Transport of Barbados



‘It has been a pleasure working with Caribbean Maritime’

Caribbean Maritime has been a true partner and a solid medium for us at Wärtsilä to share our expertise. As Editor Mike Jarrett pointed out some years ago, Caribbean Maritime “is the tool that the CSA employs to stimulate a regional dialogue for solutions”. This magazine truly stands to his statement. It has been a pleasure working with Caribbean Maritime to accomplish our common goals in delivering solutions and up-to-date discussions to the  Caribbean shipping industry.

We in Wärtsilä plan to continue the collaboration with Caribbean Maritime, and wish this top-notch editorial much success in the coming years.

Tamara A. Rivera, Marketing & Communications Administrator, Wärtsilä Caribbean Inc.



‘This magazine has complemented the work of the CSA to the fullest’

Upon the first issue of Caribbean Maritime, published in May 2007, it was said that the journal would be a major institution in the work of the Caribbean Shipping Association. The philosophy then was that the journal would support the growth and development of the maritime industry in the Caribbean by providing relevant information. Over the past five years this journal has done that and much more. It has proven to be a major source of information on all aspects of the industry, whether cargo shipping, the cruise industry, operations on the ports or key organisations that drive the development of the industry. This magazine, which is the region’s leading magazine of its type, has complemented the work of the CSA to the fullest. The magazine has garnered tremendous popularity because of the relevancy of the articles covered.

I congratulate the team as their hard work, perseverance and commitment has helped the magazine to reach this milestone. As a past president of the CSA, I am proud and honoured to be associated with its publication over the five years. I know the publication will continue to enjoy worldwide readership and provide a forum for the exchange of ideas which will support the growth and development of the industry.


Corah Ann Robertson-Sylvester
CEO, Seaboard Freight & Shipping Jamaica Ltd
and Past President, Caribbean Shipping Association


‘As you reach your fifth anniversary, let me salute this special journal’

Through a friend who writes a column for your magazine, I have watched the publication and read with surprising interest the content of the last couple of years. Your magazine is an excellent publication and I like many of its elements. 

The glossy, contemporary look of the publication is attractive. The cover always has an intriguing photograph and the contents page, broken down in a logical way, is conveniently placed, with colour photos that break up the print and welcome the reader to enjoy and learn. The contents are clear and precise.

The mission statement placed at the top of the page near the front, under the name and issue date, clearly defines this as the publication of record, linking nations, islands, cultures and ideas in a thrust for regional development. The editorial page is interesting and in the following pages you deliver comprehensible, diverse and informative material in a pleasing, colourful fashion.

I like the articles throughout, but have a great appreciation for the in-depth features, including the one in No 11 (October to December 2010), Pages 25 to 33, on the chronology of the oil rig disaster that began with the terrible event of April 20, 2010. The details, photographs and charts provide critical information that helps the layman (and, I suspect, the expert) to understand the sequence of events of the accident, as well as the terror of the days that followed. The clarity and recording of detail is the best I have seen anywhere, including the top newspapers and news magazines of the world.

As you reach your fifth anniversary, let me lift a glass and salute this special journal and congratulate the editor, writers, staff and layout people for jobs well done.

Georg R. Sheets, Historian, Publisher and Literacy Advocate, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA


‘I have seen the quality of the publication go from strength to strength’

Caribbean Maritime has, indeed, been the standard-bearer for the regional shipping community in being relevant, up-to-date and informative. I have seen the quality of the publication go from strength to strength and today I can proudly say it is one of the premier shipping publications.

Many of the stakeholders in the industry, both regionally and internationally, now use the publication as a credible source for information, staying abreast and remaining connected. It is now a major marketing tool as well for players in the industry.

Congratulations to the Caribbean Maritime publishing team for continuing to maintain the interests of stakeholders in a positive and profound way.

Ashley Taylor, President, Point Lisas Industrial Port Development Corporation (PLIPDECO)


‘We depend on Mike to continue in his work of producing an excellent magazine’

When you participate in the annual meetings of the CSA in October each year, or in the executive conference in May, it is easy to recognise that this is a very diverse and unique association of vessel owners, agents, ports and terminal operators and, as of late, NVOs and forwarders.

Unique, because the group comprises not only the full spectrum of the maritime industry and its peripheral services but also the private sector and government institutions.

Yes, we are all members of the Caribbean Shipping Association. We meet, we compare notes, listen to presentations. We provide training for our young people and we network. Sometimes we argue, for the benefit of all members and for the benefit of the Caribbean region and its people.

What keeps us together? No doubt, the common interest – but it needed some ‘glue’. Our Editor Mike Jarrett some five years ago came up with the proper concoction: a kind of ‘glue’ that keeps our members together and provides reading material for those who care to know about us and what we stand for. He calls it the Caribbean Maritime magazine.

You read about developments in the region and its ports, controversial issues, legal aspects, members’ points of view and much more, not to forget a kaleidoscope of social activities, which shows without a doubt a healthy and happy family.

In short, the ‘glue’ is working. The magazine is a full success. We need it and we depend on Mike to continue in his work of producing an excellent magazine.

Frank R. Wellnitz, Director, Caribbean Feeder Services Ltd and
Past President, Caribbean Shipping Association


‘I encourage you to continue publishing for another 50 years!’

Thank you so much for your willingness to archive Caribbean Maritime with the Digital Library of the Caribbean. High-quality industry publications such as this one are valuable to your current subscribers and to a variety of researchers for decades to come. Congratulations on your fifth anniversary. I commend you for the work you have done so far, and I encourage you to continue publishing for another 50 years! 

Brooke Wooldridge, Project Director
Digital Library of the Caribbean, Florida International University, Miami, Florida