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Grapevine - Eric Deans completes study

Eric Deans, director of shipping and policy research at the Maritime Authority of Jamaica (MAJ), has returned to Jamaica after completing a PhD in marine policy at the University of Delaware last autumn. 

Dr Deans conducted research on cargo flow dynamics – in particular, how containerised traffic is impacted by the Panama Canal expansion. Since Jamaica is strategically located close to the canal, the research provides up-to-date insights that could allow Jamaica to capitalise on maritime opportunities with North America, South America, the Caribbean and Asia.

The research analysed shippers’ preferences for ports and designed a model that could be used to prioritise investments in ports.

In addition, the strong environmental component of the academic programme provided support for Dr Dean’s participation as a delegate to the IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee. He was appointed Jamaica’s representative to the committee. 

Dr Deans served as a member of the IMO Expert Group on market-based measures to reduce ship emissions. He was the author of a proposal to reduce greenhouse gas emission from ships through port-state control measures. This proposal was presented by Jamaica at the 62nd session of the Marine Environment Protection Committee.