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St. Vincent

Increase in cruise calls; plans for port development


St. Vincent is looking to a 14 percent rise in cruise calls in the year ahead. 

The word from Kingstown is that St. Vincent & The Grenadines Port Authority is expecting some 260 cargo ship calls in 2013 (in line with the forecast total to the end of 2012) and 183 cruise calls during the 2012-2013 season.


In 2011-2012 St. Vincent handled 160 cruise calls. The Port Authority has been planning for growth and has taken steps towards real development of port facilities. 

A port rationalisation and development study has been commissioned and is now in progress. Conclusion of the study is expected in the year ahead and, following study by various government agencies, future plans for developing St. Vincent’s port facilities will be drafted.

In the pipeline

Even as this longer-term port development study proceeds, two other projects are in the pipeline: 

• Installation of a central inverter air conditioning system that is 25 to 30 per cent more efficient than traditional systems. Inverter systems perform at minimum energy levels.

• Review and upgrade of the port’s entire lighting system. The shift is towards energy-efficient fixtures and bulbs.